My goal is to provide beauty that truly leaves those around you speechless for any occasion. 


Whether you’re looking for Bridal and Wedding, or perhaps children or boudoir makeup, I offer exactly what you want. 


I want to give you the choice. The choice to be as dramatic or as natural as you please.

Being a Makeup Artist for me is more than giving you a beautiful look for your special occasion. For me, Makeup fills my soul with warmth and joy. To be able to experience your happiness; your joy, your bold and beautiful moment, with nothing but love.

I love to bring out the beauty in everyone using both my visual artistry and knowledge, and I love to laugh with you the entire way.


Check out the current work and exciting adventures of your favorite Makeup Artist.

It’s just makeup! No shade to my youngins! But us older mamas need to not compare! Express yourself with makeup! All the makeup! All the colors! All the lashes! Just have fun with it! Embrace your lines. Embrace your wrinkles! Love yourself! ITS JUST MAKEUP! @meltcosmetics 420 palette for the win tonight! / highlighter @sephora - brow pencil @kissproducts - lashes @lorealparis - infallible YES YES YES! @lorealusa @benefitcosmetics - Hoola bronzer @doseofcolors - @boxycharm lips #beautyarchitect #justmakeup #youhavepermission #40andover #justplay #havefunwithmakeup #vabeach # virginia #makeupartist

Ya’ll know how I am about my skincare!!!! So @ctilburymakeup has the MAGICAL SERUM! Ya’ll! This is literally life right now. I’ve been using it for a little over a week and my skin feels like SKIN! Not oily... not dry, but like skin! This serum combined with the Charlotte Magic moisturizer has me shook! It helps my makeup look flawless, too. Smooth application and thin layer of perfect hydration! #charlottetilbury #MagicSerumCrystalElixir #contest #complimentary @ctilburymakeup @Influenster

Skin. Care. Is. Important!!!!!! Listen, I am loving me some of this @elfcosmetics skincare! Don’t sleep on E.L.F! 1st ... Keep Your Balance Toner Next ... Illuminating Eye Cream with the Massage eye wand (IT VIBRATES AND HEATS UP!) Next ... Beauty Shield Vitamin C Serum. Remember to gently apply. Last .. Happy Hydration Cream I think I am in love!!! #elf #skincare #eyeslipsface #elfcosmetics #elfskincare #vabeach #over40 #40+ #oldladyclub #nevertoolatetostart

🛑 STOP 🌬 blowing on your lashes and then putting them on EYEBALLS! It’s gross! Your mouth is gross! And if your a MUA.... you should know better! 🤢🤮🤢🤮

So this was fun! I got my hands on some @elfcosmetics skincare from @target ! My legit favorite is the eye wand! It’s the best!!! - Keep Your Balance Toner - Illuminating Eye Cream - Massaging Eye Wand - Beauty Shield Vitamin C - Happy Hydration Cream I am actually impressed! I did my makeup and didn’t even put on foundation!!! #elfcosmetics #skincare #vabeach #elf #skin #makeupartist #approved #rundontwalk #getsometoday #mua #757 #beautyhacks #fun

#EarthDay I haven’t worked in over a month. It feels weird. The $ situation is weird. I’ve been making my own $ since I was 15. I’ve never NOT made $. I’ve never NOT been able to provide. Yes, I finally got approved for unemployment... relax, it’s o my $150 a week. 😂😂 But still. My days are filled with trying to occupy my time, just like all of you. I find myself standing in my kitchen and I can feel the ‘heavy’ loom over me. It’s there. Waiting for me to let my guard down so it can sneak in. Darkness. Depression. Anxiety. Loss. Loneliness. Fear. Anger. Self-pity. Hopelessness. Just waiting for me to give in. Just waiting. For me. But... I have a tribe. I have my friends and families and fellow creatives. I see that we are in this together. I’m not alone, even though it feels like I am. I see my friends and families learning. Creating. Growing. Doing new things. Discovering new things. I had the ‘heavy’ looming over me today. I felt it whispering in my ear about how I should just give in. So I grabbed my dog and decided to explore! Look at what I found! Not even 1/4 mile away from my home!!!! It’s beautiful. Quiet. Peaceful. I grounded myself for a moment. Bare feet on Mother Earth. Just took a moment to release and breathe. It felt good. I was happy. Every ‘heavy’ feeling went away! This is going to be my new place of release. I am soul excited!!!!! @jenniferdadigan @mrsjanellem @rachelorourke