Joyce and Cole Slayton

Virginia Beach Makeup Artist

I first met Joyce when we worked an network marketing business together, connected by Danielle Boyce. She was funny, strong willed and I was hooked on her personality. She takes no prisoners, she speaks her mind and she loves her tribe, hard!

We quickly became friends and I watched her journey into happiness when she announced that she was dating a cutie with a beard, Cole. I watched this strong woman fall deeply in love with a local, outstanding chef. Together they started to build this neat new life. I knew Joyce when she was a strong single mother and now she was sharing her passion for entrepreneurship with Cole. I could not be MORE happier for her. (and him too, but this is about her)

virginia beach makeup artist

Of course, when he proposed, I forced her to let me be her makeup artist. (I’m partially kidding). She asked me for a bold look. Think 20’s inspired but with modern twist. Which feels odd to say since we are in 2020. We went with a deep plum halo eye (yes to shimmer) with a clean polished complexion using my FAVORITE foundation Face Atelier. Of course, Samantha lashes from Huda Beauty to top off this eye. My precious Benefit Cosmetics KaBrow in 6 over her already perfect shaped brow.

I also had the honor of taking care of her entire bridal party.

My husband, Russ and I had a wonderful time at the Slayton wedding. Joyce and Cole have a beautiful family, amazing aspirations and huge goals for themselves. Their hustle is legit … I bow down. All the respect. I love a good hustler.

Please check out their catering business Ono-OhYes on Instagram. A Pan-Pacific American Fusion Experience. Believe me, you do not want to miss their food.

Thank you so much, Joyce and Cole for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.

Event Planning – Danielle and Chelsea of Plan & Pour Events

Photography – Natchez Photography

Venue – Peninsula at Heritage Point

Welcome to 2020


Can you believe we are in a new decade? I mean, it was only 10 years ago that we were in another ‘New Decade’, but still. It’s 2020. I had expected to see flying cars by now. I was ready for vacations on the moon at this point.

The Jetson family wave as they fly past buildings in space in their spaceship in a still from the animated television series, ‘The Jetsons,’ circa 1962. (Photo by Warner Bros./Courtesy of Getty Images)

But, alas. Here we are. Still trying to get women to understand that stopping foundation at the chin is no longer acceptable. (I kid, I kid, but seriously, though. Can we stop the madness)

This decade marks a new era for Makeup By Vega. We have expanded our services. We are growing in a network of strong makeup artists and hair stylists and we have some pretty huge plans for the first half of this decade.

Some day I will smile in a BTS image.

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting information and flyers about upcoming events and classes that we will be offering.

I am so honored and blessed that you have chosen to be a part of my world and you have allowed me to be a part of your world.

Cheers to 2020!


It’s Wednesday, February 7, 2018.

The weather in Virginia Beach, VA fluctuates so often that you can have your ups and your downs.  This season was a little slow in my neck of the woods, however my part time hustle brought me in a the dollars to carry over January.

Then, I got a call from one of my favorite creatives, Chris Mangune Photography .  Chris doesn’t live far from my home studio. It was a bum day, so I was more than happy to help him create something fun.

Two Rivers Wedding Giveaway – Top 10 Finalists

My sister Tara and I had the pleasure of donating our services for the Two Rivers Events, LLC wedding giveaway.

wedding, makeup
Two Rivers Events Wedding Give away

The top 10 finalists are in.

Chelsea Williams
Jeremy St. Pierre
Katie Owen
Amber Hall
Helen Amanda O’Connor
Kristin Kaminski
Erika Jones
Mariecar Padua
Myles Pettus
Laura Strube
Meredith of Meredith Ryncarz Photography will be reaching out to each of you personally to work on the next steps in the process, so please be on the look out for an email or voicemail from her!
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for allowing us to participate in your adventure!  And thank each of the vendors who have helped Meredith with this wedding dream for one lucky couple.
Congrats to the 10 finalists.  We look forward to being a part of  your very special day!

What do you do on a ‘Snow Day’?

Hello, my friends! Happy January!  I hope the weather has not been too harsh for you lately.

Thank you, Aimee Foley

My family and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Where we were under a ‘BLIZZARD WARNING’   In our part of the world, the city will panic and wipe out the stores of all bread and milk when the first snow flake falls.

I mean, it is Virginia and we aren’t exactly prepared for these types of situations.

I’ve decided that today will be a ‘work’ day for me, since it looks like I won’t be putting any makeup on today. AND, I am totally ok with that. I did, however, go outside and help my husband shovel the ground. I also had to shovel a walk way for my puppies (did you know I had puppies?) I also asked all of my FB friends to send me some pictures of their snowfall in their area.

puppies, snow, virginia show,
It’s just snow … go outside!

makeup artist, snow, puppy, virginia beach
Thank you, Justin Cotterell

So, what can you do on a snow day, when your business requires actual 1:1 interaction?  You can build your business on the InterWeb! Half of my business time is spent online building my business and the other half is actually WORKING my business. So, here area couple of things that I have done today that may help new Makeup Artists get things going.

Thank you, Elizabeth Ansel Darling

1 – How is your Website coming along?  Your website is key to your online business. I send people to my website all the time, because that is where I want people to get all the information they need about my services.  Having a Facebook page does not count as a website and most professionals in my industry will frown upon only having a Facebook page. If you’re new to the industry, it’s totally understandable. BUT, now is the time to get that knowledge. If you can’t afford to have someone build you a site, start watching YouTube videos and start reading a lot of blogs. The more you know about your online presence, the less money you will have to spend to have someone take care of it.  Believe me, if you learn more now, you’ll save more later.

Thank you, Jewels Raczkowski – Hay

2 – Just suck it up and pay for advertising!  Today I budgeted out $$$ for Google, Bing and Facebook advertising for the month of January. It isn’t a lot, but I like to plant seeds in January and then go big right before Spring.  Do your homework and learn about advertising. You can’t make any money if people don’t know you exist. Word of mouth and free Facebook posts on your Facebook Page will only get you so far.

makeup, snow, virginia beach

3 – How is your content? Those Spring and Fall brides are on the hunt now for their perfect venue, flowers, dress, caterer … and sometimes, the last thing they think about is their makeup services. It happens. However, in my experience, you do have a select few who are early shoppers.  These are the ones who are calling you a week after getting that rock and they are in full on planning mode. These brides are savvy and looking for YOU. Be active on all of your platforms. Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Page, Instagram, and so on.

makeup, snow, photography
Photos belong to Anne Companionn.

4 – Are you following up with your past clients?  Reviews are a STAPLE for every single business I know.  I usually follow up with my brides, clients and photographers that I’ve worked with and I will POLITELY ask them to take some time out of their day and leave me a review.  I also provide links to where they can leave reviews.  The easier I can make it for them, the more willing they are to provide a well written review of my services.  Try to be thoughtful, you are asking someone to take time out of their day to do you a ‘favor.’

These are just a few things that I TRY to do a few times a month (or every few months).  It has taken me quite a long time to figure out some of the logistics of owning and ‘running’ a business. Let along a Makeup Business.

So, cheers to a wonderful 2018 and let’s hope and pray that there are no more snow days … cuz, I got bills to pay!

Please, keep scrolling and enjoy some photos from my friends on Facebook!  <3

~Cheers, Vega!

makeup artist, snow dog, virginia beach
Thank you, Madison Rose

makeup, snow
Thank you Shana Juarez

Thank you, Karen Tyler

makeup, snow,
Thank you Rebecca & Ed.

Thank you, Tamme Geurts

Thank you, Meech Gonzalez

Thank you, Lara Sauvageau

Thank you, Andree Strange

:Snowman Image courtesy of :

My friend Nicholas Carinci

In this industry, it is so very important that you realize who you work well with and who you don’t.

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some of the top stylists in the Hampton Roads area.  I have yet to have had a horrible experience.

One of my friends in particular is Nicholas Carinci of Major Tease Designs (Click Here to his Facebook Page  ) .

I first met him while doing a shoot for Robert Brooks.  I had never worked with him before but I had heard really great things about him.  He has a knack for detail and his eye for perfection I’ve yet to see.  He is defiantly in the right industry!  He loves his clients and is funny as hell.

Nicholas will not disappoint you for your wedding day hair styles (or even makeup).  He’s funny and has one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen.

makeup artist, mua,
Nicholas and I doing work on AnnMarie P!

Happy Birthday to Makeup By Vega

birthday mua makeup artist

Hello my friends and family!

Today is a wonderful day.  It is the day that Carly was born.  Today we celebrate her 25th level of life achievements (along with 12 extra bonus rounds)

As a token of my life achievements, I wanted to list the things I am grateful for in my life.

mua makeup artist, purple hair, makeup brush
Silly Makeup Artist

~I am grateful for God~

~ I am grateful for Family~

~I am grateful for success~

~I am grateful for friends~

~I am grateful for networking~


husband mua norfolk
My husband

~I am grateful for faith~

~I am grateful for reviews~

~I am grateful for adventures~

~I am grateful for celebrations~

~I am grateful for my home~

model beauty makeup
Tracie Sines

~I am grateful for new clients and old clients~

~I am grateful for experiences~

~I am grateful for worship~

~I am grateful for warmth~

~I am grateful for cool~

~I am grateful for sight~

~I am grateful for support~

~I am grateful for life~

~I am grateful for eternal happiness~

What are you grateful for?


Tyra Banks Beauty

Huge and exciting announcements for 2017!

Makeup By Vega has partnered with Tyra Banks Beauty! We partnered a while back, however timing is everything and I’ve been testing out her products and her business practice. I am pleased to say that I am excited to begin this new(ish) adventure with Tyra Beauty.

Marys Wedding

Mary and Caleb

A previous client (Janelle) had recommended me for Mary’s wedding.  How could I refuse when Janelle had a kick ass wedding party?

Mary kept herself calm on her wedding day.  Her bridal party shared stories and laughter in the hotel room.  Mom was calm and collected, which as a makeup artist, we are very thankful for calm and collected Mother of the Brides.

wedding makeup, bride makeup, makeup artist,
Mary prep

Mary asked for a soft look but she wanted her makeup to stand out.  She’s a nurse, and since they sacrifice so much for the human population (like save our lives every day) I was happy to give her whatever she wanted.  The day was perfect.  The hotel room had a perfect view of the ocean.  The skies were blue and the breeze hit just right.

Although this wedding was in 2015 (yes, I’m late! Stop yelling at me), it was one of my favorite from 2015!



bridal makeup, wedding makeup,
Happy Bride

bridal party, wedding makeup, wedding day, makeup artist
Mary’s bridal party

wedding makeup, makeup artist, bridal makeup
Perfect day for a wedding

Please visit Dani White Photography and Chelsea Anderson Photography (links below) for more images from this beautiful wedding.

Photographers – Dani White Photography & Chelsea Anderson Photography

Caleb and Mary’s Ocean Front Wedding

If you want information about this look, contact me and we will set up a makeup play date!  <3


Beautiful Bright Wedding

There is something to be said about a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location with beautiful placements.

wedding, bridal, makeup, wedding day,
Simple yet elegant. Bridal beauty for a beautiful Spring or Fall wedding.

I had the pleasure of working with Misty Saves The Day and a variety of vendors for this beautiful shoot.

Montero’s Bar and Restaurant was beautiful and is located in a nice quiet nook in Elizabeth City.  The staff was friendly and welcoming.  The food was delicious and this was the perfect setting for a spring wedding.

Shayna and I drove to Elizabeth City to visit Montero’s Restaurant and would be glad to return for your special wedding day.  I highly encourage you to visit this gem of a location!

wedding makeup, wedding day makeup, bridal makeup,
Happy couples in Elizabeth City restaurant, Montero’s Restaurant


Photography: Amanda Hedgepeth Photography
Reception Venue and Catering: Montero’s Bar & Restaurant
Hair: Shayna Reinert
Makeup: Makeup by Vega
Shoot Coordination: Misty Saves the Day
Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses, and Menswear: Maya Couture on Main
Florals: Leslie Hartig Floral Designs
Sweets: Patti Cakes, Inc
Event Rentals: Distinctive Event Rentals
Stationery: Paper Dolls Design
Vintage Rentals: Chic Unique Vintage Rentals
Linens & Chargers: Classy Event Rentals

Check out the story in Tidewater and Tulle 

Thank you to Misty Saves the Day for the opportunity to work with these amazing vendors.

wedding, bridal, wedding makeup, bridal makeup
Because everyone loves the flower girl.



wedding planner, elizabeth city wedding,
Lovely Place Setting

Elizabeth City Wedding, makeup artist, NC mua, bride makeup, wedding makeup,

flower girl, makeup artist, mua, virginia beach mua, virginai beach makeup artist,
Flower Girl steals the show

wedding makeup, virginia beach makeup artist, vbmua, 757 makeup artist,
Bridal Makeup

bridal makeup, virginia beach makeup artist, 757 makeup artist, 757 wedding
Soft Golden Bridal Makeup