Messages and beautiful smiles!

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I’m not a photographer, so the fact that I am inserting a screen shot from my cell phone, I get a free pass. 
Now that that disclaimer is out of the way … 

Last year, I volunteered to do makeup for a 3 day conference at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, called Devoted.  It’s a women’s conference. It is amazing.  It is fulfilling.  And it just so happened to come at a time when I needed to surround myself with women who were seeking spiritual growth, just as much as I was.  I had just gone through a business break up and I was feeling lost and not sure where my career as a makeup artist was heading.  I needed some time spent with powerful and like minded women.  I needed to be a part of something that made my soul feel good.  I needed to see, touch and experience the powerful effects of hundreds of women worshiping at once.

I had never volunteered at an event like this before.  There wasn’t really any structure. There was a sign in table and whomever had an open seat, that’s where they sent ya. Since I love working on women of all ages, I waived my hand when when my seat was open.

I have this friend.  Her name is Debbie Laughlin (of Debbie Laughlin Photography).  She has this really cool Scottish accent and every time she talks, I can’t help but pretend we are standing on rolling green hills near an ocean … and always up to no good!  I love her! She had been telling me about her daughter, Lauren, for quite some time.  That she was a makeup artist and that she had been following my work for a while.  Wouldn’t you know it, guess who sits in my chair!  Ms. Lauren!  I wasn’t sure what Debbie had told her about me, so I was a little nervous.  (pssst … I get nervous around other makeup artists!).  However, this photo ends up on Facebook with this caption …

“So happy I was finally able to meet the amazingness that is @makeupbyvega at the Devoted Conference this past weekend. Not only are her makeup skills something to admire (which I’m repping in this photo) but she’s also just a genuinely nice person. 15 minutes in a chair felt like 5 because conversation came so easy. Thanks for the encouraging words, and for a look I was sad to take off!”
makeup artist, virginai beach makeup artist, devoted conference, mua
Fellow Makeup Artist Lauren Hoskin


Then, I see a tiny human with a big smile, beautiful brown eyes and brown straight hair to die for (ladies, you know, the hair we all had when we were younger!)  This little angel sat in my chair with a big smile on her face.  She leaned in and closed her eyes!  She was ready! Her grandmother was there with her.  I made eye contact with her and did the whole “is it ok?” eye agreement with her.  She nodded and told me that her granddaughter loves makeup and as long as it wasn’t too crazy, her mother would not mind at all.   I loved every second of it!  She was so intelligent and funny! I just did something simple.  Some eye shadow, clean up the brows, some blush and a pop of color on the lip.  I finished her up and handed her a card and waived my hand in the air for the next young lady.

A few days later, I received this message on Facebook!

makeup, makeup artist, wave devoted makeup,
A young ladies mother sends me a message

My fellow humans, God knows when you need a ‘reassurance’ message sent to you. Even after the conference, I had my doubt about continuing my career as a makeup artist. However, His timing is always perfect.  Lauren’s post hit my Facebook wall and I may or may not have done the “Yeah Yeah Yeah” dance.  (shoosh, it’s a thing!) And then a SECOND message.  This beautiful message made my day even better.  Just a thoughtful “Thank you” from someone I’ve never even met.  Both made me smile and allowed me to stand tall and beat on my chest for a moment. I am totally in the right place.  I am 100% meant to be right where I am, doing exactly what I am doing.

So take a moment out of your day and praise someone else. Send a ‘Thank You’ to someone.  Even if it is a “Hey, thanks for posting that funny meme on Facebook!  I needed that.”  A simple message to someone can be just what they need to smile.  And that smile may be contagious and spread!

My fellow ladies, if you are in the Hampton Roads area and have some free time the first weekend in March, I encourage you to attend Devoted.  Last year I got to see Lisa Bevere!  ( one of my minister crushes, she even signed my book! )  Click here —–> Devoted  for more information about the event.

I look forward to the 2017 Devoted conference.

Carly Vega - Makeup By Vega

Carly Vega is the premier Hampton Roads based makeup artist. Growing up the daughter of Marines, she never grew up playing in hair or makeup. Always being a very creative soul, she attempted various outlets looking to fill a void. It wasn’t until 2007 that she found an appreciation for makeup and her new life was born. Being able to empower people through makeup during some of the biggest events in their lives is what she lives for. Throughout her years of training, she has repped for some of the biggest makeup brands in the world. Carly has traveled around the United States lending her creative talents in major ad campaigns, media, and print. She now spends her days dedicated to her craft and the opportunities to help people put their best face forward.