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What do you do on a ‘Snow Day’?

Hello, my friends! Happy January!  I hope the weather has not been too harsh for you lately.

Thank you, Aimee Foley


My family and I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Where we were under a ‘BLIZZARD WARNING’   In our part of the world, the city will panic and wipe out the stores of all bread and milk when the first snow flake falls.

I mean, it is Virginia and we aren’t exactly prepared for these types of situations.


I’ve decided that today will be a ‘work’ day for me, since it looks like I won’t be putting any makeup on today. AND, I am totally ok with that. I did, however, go outside and help my husband shovel the ground. I also had to shovel a walk way for my puppies (did you know I had puppies?) I also asked all of my FB friends to send me some pictures of their snowfall in their area.


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It’s just snow … go outside!

makeup artist, snow, puppy, virginia beach

Thank you, Justin Cotterell








So, what can you do on a snow day, when your business requires actual 1:1 interaction?  You can build your business on the InterWeb! Half of my business time is spent online building my business and the other half is actually WORKING my business. So, here area couple of things that I have done today that may help new Makeup Artists get things going.


Thank you, Elizabeth Ansel Darling

1 – How is your Website coming along?  Your website is key to your online business. I send people to my website all the time, because that is where I want people to get all the information they need about my services.  Having a Facebook page does not count as a website and most professionals in my industry will frown upon only having a Facebook page. If you’re new to the industry, it’s totally understandable. BUT, now is the time to get that knowledge. If you can’t afford to have someone build you a site, start watching YouTube videos and start reading a lot of blogs. The more you know about your online presence, the less money you will have to spend to have someone take care of it.  Believe me, if you learn more now, you’ll save more later.

Thank you, Jewels Raczkowski – Hay


2 – Just suck it up and pay for advertising!  Today I budgeted out $$$ for Google, Bing and Facebook advertising for the month of January. It isn’t a lot, but I like to plant seeds in January and then go big right before Spring.  Do your homework and learn about advertising. You can’t make any money if people don’t know you exist. Word of mouth and free Facebook posts on your Facebook Page will only get you so far.


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3 – How is your content? Those Spring and Fall brides are on the hunt now for their perfect venue, flowers, dress, caterer … and sometimes, the last thing they think about is their makeup services. It happens. However, in my experience, you do have a select few who are early shoppers.  These are the ones who are calling you a week after getting that rock and they are in full on planning mode. These brides are savvy and looking for YOU. Be active on all of your platforms. Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Business Page, Instagram, and so on.

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Photos belong to Anne Companionn.

4 – Are you following up with your past clients?  Reviews are a STAPLE for every single business I know.  I usually follow up with my brides, clients and photographers that I’ve worked with and I will POLITELY ask them to take some time out of their day and leave me a review.  I also provide links to where they can leave reviews.  The easier I can make it for them, the more willing they are to provide a well written review of my services.  Try to be thoughtful, you are asking someone to take time out of their day to do you a ‘favor.’







These are just a few things that I TRY to do a few times a month (or every few months).  It has taken me quite a long time to figure out some of the logistics of owning and ‘running’ a business. Let along a Makeup Business.

So, cheers to a wonderful 2018 and let’s hope and pray that there are no more snow days … cuz, I got bills to pay!

Please, keep scrolling and enjoy some photos from my friends on Facebook!  <3

~Cheers, Vega!

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Thank you, Madison Rose

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Thank you Shana Juarez

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Thank you Rebecca & Ed.

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