To Blog or Not to Blog?

For those of you that know me personally, I don’t really Blog.  However, I do believe it is time to start.

I come from an SEO and SEM background, so  you’d think that I would have the right amount of common sense to do this.

So, here I am, breaking out of my BLOG Shell.  If you are judging me, then I applaud you.  I would judge me too.

One of my photographers, LeZandra, would be standing over my shoulder right now telling me ‘I told you so’ for the next few hours.

Not my finest hour, but I’ll make it work.

Be prepared for some nonsense and funny makeup posts.  I’m far from serious and it is time for me to get things moving.

I welcome you, to my world.  The world of Carly … the makeup artist.

makeup artist, makeup, first blog

This is my ‘I’ll have to start someday’ look

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