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This is my first ‘blog’ review of a makeup product. I’ve always had my ‘go to’ products and my ‘yikes avoid this’ products.  I signed up on this app called “Influenester”  (you can find it on the Apple App Store).   I signed up to receive a free Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder to use and review.   I am a Setting Powder addict and I need it for my oily skin.

Let’s be clear, there are two types of powder you can use after your foundation.  Setting powder and Finishing powder.

Setting Powder – is used for after foundation.  You can use it daily.  It’s used as like a ‘final touch’ on your makeup.  I use it to absorb excess oil and to take the slight sheen that liquid foundation leaves on my skin.  Gives my look a soft natural look for the day.

Finishing Powder – goes on after a setting powder.  Finishing powder isn’t typically used every day.  I will use a finishing powder on someone who is going to an event (like a wedding or prom).  Somewhere they will be in front of a camera.  It gives the appearance of softer and silky skin.  You use this sparingly. HD powder is a finishing powder.

Beauty WARNING:  If you SET your foundation with a FINISHING powder, you’ll get that white ghostly look … that’s no bueno.  Imagine the photo you see in the beauty mags of celebrities who have the blotches on their faces with white powder.  Someone didn’t use the finishing powder sparingly.

Translucent Setting Powder

Translucent Setting Powder










Why do I like it?

  • The powder is light and sets perfectly
  • Does not leave a residue after application
  • Powder doesn’t have a high ‘talc’ smell
  • Powder felt weightless



I took some before and after photos (see below).  I did a full face with contour, lashes … etc.  The works.  I can post another blog with the products I used in the before and after below.  Excuse the lighting, I was sitting on the floor in my studio.  Because some days, you just want to do makeup on the floor.

makeup artist, laura mercier, before and after,

Oh, the power of makeup

makeup artist, mua, makeup, laura mercier tlsp, tlsp

Oh, the power of makeup










I even went and did another face using a different foundation.  I love the softness it gives my skin.

makeup artist, tlsp

Laura Mercier TLSP

I have oily skin.  I mean, oil companies panic when I go near an ocean for fear they will be blamed for an oil spill. Seriously, it’s a situation.  I am impressed. Laura Mercier delivered when this product was created. I admire Laura Mercier and her brand.  She has been in the industry since the mid ’90s, however, I didn’t discover her products until about 8 years ago. Where was she hiding?  Nowhere, I hadn’t fallen into the makeup world yet.  Haha.  All in all, I approve of the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder.  I am excited to add this to my makeup kit.  My clients are going to love their finished look.

makeup artist, mua, makeup,

When you do your makeup on the floor



*I received this complimentary product from Influenester Vox Box & Laura Mercier. A special thanks to Sephora.

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