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Creating goals in 2017!

Makeup By Vega is so very proud to announce … we are now an affiliate with Danielle Laporte!
We are working on creating goals with soul! We are ready to crate an amazing 2017.
Be prepared for watching for what Makeup By Vega launches.

– affiliate program with Danielle Laporte
– Modern Femme Movement
– More Shawn Sawyer Photography
– Rock The Woman Card
– More Hillary West Photography
– 24 Weddings this year
– More concept shoots

And so much more.  All of this came from Danielle Laporte! Her Desire Map series was a catapult for where I took off.  Her ‘goals with soul’ approach to everything changed my outlook on how I could create the life I wanted.  The way I wanted to feel.  Between Danielle Laporte and my Passion Planner, life took an incredible turn for the better back in 2014!

Click on the photo below for more information and get connected to Daneille Laporte and all she has to offer.


  1. by Jennifer Collins on January 12, 2017  12:39 am Reply

    I love the saying at the end. So true. Here's to much success in 2017!

    • by carlyvega on February 15, 2017  2:34 pm Reply

      Thank you very much Jennifer! Cheers to much success for you as well in 2017! <3

  2. by Ashley on February 9, 2017  12:30 am Reply

    Love this so much! My heart is to never water down what I'm passionate about and always show up authentically! You go girl! Love your work! From one makeup artist to another, you rock! Beauty from the inside out is always the way to go ?✨✨

    • by carlyvega on February 15, 2017  2:33 pm Reply

      Thank you!!! I love hearing from fellow makeup artists! I'll be sure to keep your blog in my favorites so I can visit often! <3

  3. by Emmy on March 11, 2017  2:12 pm Reply

    This is a most useful coniitbutron to the debate

  4. by Hessy on March 11, 2017  2:13 pm Reply

    At last, somenoe who comes to the heart of it all

    • by carlyvega on March 14, 2017  1:46 pm Reply

      Right, we all have to start somewhere!!! <3 <3

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